Pigeon Detectives Start Album 4 at cottage road

April see's us start work on the the next pigeon detectives album. Both Andy and Matt are working together to produce this LP which represents the Pigeons most eclectic work. The album has the band returning to previous punky rock 'n' roll form whilst forging new ground with some poppy numbers and some more ambient tracks. Its shaping up to be a great album and we can't wait for you all to hear it. In the mean time we'll continue having fun making the record.

The Crookes Album 2

March see's the Crookes finish there second studio album "Hold Fast" at cottage Road with Matt producing. The album has been made on and off since the end of last year with the band only having minimal breaks from touring to write and get into the studio. As a result of this speedy approach we think they've produced something with real energy and life to it. The record will be released on indie legends "Fierce Panda" later this year but the first single "Afterglow" is already out and doing well on the radio making the 6 music B-List, amazing radio B-list, xfm and radio 2 to name a few.

Check out the links to the "Afterglow" video here and another track from the album "American Girls" here which the band gave away free as an album teaser.

Hawkeyes EP & Album

Leeds' best noise rock band Hawkeyes have been busy this year at Cottage Road completing both an EP (Mindhammers) and album (IDEAS) with producer Andy Hawkins. Both are already out now on Brew & Fierce Panda respectively and the album especially is picking up some great reviews already.

Check out the video for Skyspinners, the first single from Ideas here.

Ellen and the Escapades Debut Album

Leeds finest folk pop quintet Ellen And The Escapades have returned to Cottage Road to produce there debut Album "All The Crooked Scenes" with Matt Peel. The album is a mixture of old and new tunes with the band revisiting some previous releases that both the band or Matt couldn't omit from the album.

Out now on Branch Out Records the album is a great listen from start to finish and not just for lovers of folk music. Picking up some great reviews already the band will be gearing up for festival session so go check it out.

Have a listen to the iTunes previews here.

I Like Trains mix new album with Richard Formby

This February we've had the pleasure of having Richard Formby in the studio mixing the latest I Like Trains record, "The Shallows". It's always nice to have Richard about, not only is he a very talented guy but he's become one of the studio's good friends so good luck to him and I Like Trains for 2012.

Here's a link to some of the work done in this session. 

Candle Thieves 2nd Album Out March 30th

Mar 30th see's the release of the candle thieves second album on Carnival town records. The record was produced and mixed here by Andy Hawkins

Have a listen to the iTunes previews  here.

The ABC Club complete White lies EP

This December we've done our first session with Leeds/Manchester indie posters The ABC Club. They've been finishing a few tracks for their White Lies EP, and have already began work on material for the next release after striking up a good studio rapport with Matt.

You can hear the fruits of our labour here and look out for more ABC Club in 2012.

EMT 140 Reverb Plate Installed

This month we just installed a beautiful Plate reverb at the studio. For those who don't know this was the way studios made reverb before digital reverbs came about in the 80's. It basically consists of a 4x8 steel plate with a speaker and 2 microphones attached. We already had great fun with it taking the sides of and singing into it. People who have used these before will know how wonderful these things are. We aren't exactly sure how old our plate is but it could have been made as late as 1957 making it as old as my dad!! 

Ellen and the escapades at CRS

Alt folk quintet ellen and the escapades have been recording some new material at cottage road this month with Matt Peel producing. A breathtaking song "when the tide creeps in" was the song in question in this session. Matt and the band are planning more recordings this summer gearing up for there debut album later in the year. The band are using the track to sell at gigs as a taster for the album. Go check out this great live band this summer at the many festival they're playing including Glastonbury winterwell and bestival.

Silent Film Project Debut Album

Sheffield indie five piece silent film project have been in during April recording there debut album "Snakes and escalators". The band have done a good amount of work at the studio with producer Matt Peel but this is by far their best. The band have become great friends of the studio staff here and we wish them the very best for 2012. A couple of the bands older songs have made it on the album in a re worked fashion including 2 days which was released on Kids records in late 2009. This is a great guitar record, look out for it late 2011 early 2012

Just Handshakes Mix EP

Leeds indie popsters Just handshakes we're british have been using the studio and Matt Peel to mix their new ep falling over our fear for elephant records "new adventures in pop series". The Band have produced a real gem here released on beautiful bright blue 7" vinyl. We know the band are writing material for an album as we speak so look out for this next year is bound to be a classic

The Crookes debut album

After recording extensive demos with us earlier this summer, Sheffield-based kitchen sink pop dramatists The Crookes have been hard at work for the past few months recording their debut album at Cottage Road Studios, produced by Mr Matt Peel. The album's nearly finished now and is shaping up to be a right classic - the band has told us they expect to release it in February next year, so go and check it out when they do. Matt Peel's "album beard" has been coming along nicely too, with further pictorial evidence provided in the photo for those of you who may be monitoring it's progress...

Yonderboy Single

Hotly-tipped Leeds melodicists Yonderboy have been at Cottage Road Studios recently to record their next single, the double A-side "All Bob Minor" / "Too Easy" with Andy Hawkins behind the desk. Look out for it later this year...

Pulled Apart By Horses return to Cottage Road

Pulled Apart By Horses returned to Cottage Road recently to record a new B-side for their next single "Yeah Buddy". No covers this time though - brand new track "Soft Handed Punk" has been taking shape with Matt Peel on production duties and as usual for these guys it is pretty blistering stuff. A cheeky piece of studio banter found it's way on to the end of the song - a discussion about the very limp handshake of a certain well-known Irish guitarist. Prizes are on offer if you can guess who is under discussion...

Silent Film Project recording new single

Sheffield indie power-pop supremos Silent Film Projects were in the studio recently to record their new single "Summerteeth" along with it's b-side "Grudges". As with their previous work at Cottage Road, the man pushing the faders was none other than Matt Peel, who has also been working hard on his facial hair. To be fair, judging by this photo he had some pretty strong competition from the band in this department but it seems to be coming along nicely... Meanwhile we look forward to the release of the single and also working with Silent Film Project early next year when they begin recording their debut album with us.

Last Days Of Lorca EP recorded at Cottage Road

Chichester / Brighton based melodramatic post rockers Last Days Of Lorca have been working up at Cottage Road recording their forthcoming EP with Andy Hawkins handling production duties. Everything is nearly finished now and we hope to see a release before the end of the year.

Protectors album completed at Cottage Road

Leeds-based Protectors (formed from the ashes of Pylon, Dugong and Nathaniel Green) have been up at Cottage Road recently finishing up their new album with Matt Peel at the controls. Everything is shaping up nicely and the record should be available shortly.

Pulled Apart By Horses At Cottage Road

Recently we've had Leeds noisy types Pulled Apart By Horses up at Cottage Road recording the B-side for their next single "High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive" and using our trampoline rather a lot between takes. The track in question is a cover of "Somersault" by fellow Leeds band Skylarkin. The results are released on September 6th and you can order it from the guys here.

Dance To The Radio Compilation

Recently, we've been mastering some new releases for Leeds-based label Dance To The Radio, including their new compilation "Still Occupied Though You forget", which contains tracks from I Like Trains, Club Smith, Bear Hands, The Sunshine Underground and Paul Thomas Saunders amongst others. Also on the compilation is "Hold Your Breath" by Just Handshakes (We're British) which was recorded by Matt here at Cottage Road.

Candle thieves complete album (Release UK/US ON 29th of April)

The Candle Thieves debut album "Sunshine and Other Misfortunes" is released on 29th of April. The album was recorded during the second half of 2009 and was completed in January of this year. The album is being released internationally so good luck to Scott and Anthony for 2010. 

Feb 2010 Crookes at CRS

This month we've had the pleasure of having one of the best new bands around at cottage road. Go check out the Crookes at Look out for them in 2010

Feb 2010 Pigeon detectives demo Sessions

Throughout 2009 we've had Leeds' finest The Pigeon Detectives in the studio demoing their new album due for release later in 2010. The lads are now almost at the end of the demoing process and they've got a great 3rd album in store for 2010. Good luck to the PD's this year and keep your ears open for it.

Jan 2010 Cottage Road installs new console

This January has been a busy one for us. The first two weeks was spent installing our beautiful new Amek Rembrandt mixing console. Its a massive desk and look us about half a day and 4 extra pairs of hands to get it in the place. The desk is in great condition and is now fully operational. We got the desk from Holland where it was formally owned by Lou Bega (Mambo Number 5). Come down to Cottage Road and get a bit of Monica in your life...